Christmas is not about how much you spend.

This holiday season, be thankful for more than just the gifts you receive. You are alive and you have a chance to be what you want to be. There are so many people that are less fortunate that feel like they have no one to love, no family, no hope. This is the time of year where so many people are depressed and lonely, and if this is you, you are not alone. Please take the time to check on your neighbors, friends, family, and people that you meet while you are out. A simple, "hello, how are you doing", can save someones life, or even make their day.

The world is clouded with various distractions to get us off the path that was made for us. It is healthy and beneficial to spend time without phones, internet, television, and radio. I suggest that everyone takes a few moments each day or week to meditate, pray, or sit in silence and rest. It is in these moments where we are able to gain our focus and passion for our craft, and find a new perspective on life.

So whatever it is you do as a career, lifestyle, or side hustle, make sure you take the time to appreciate someone else, help someone less fortunate, and spend time in peace so that you can appreciate who you are and be the answer to someones prayers.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from A Key Records..........

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