A Key Records was founded by Kevi Jones in 2018, and is an independent record label Headquartered in Winston Salem, NC. Kevi Jones has been involved in music since his early years in Mississippi which earned him scholarships in music throughout his college years as well as landing him as an artist on an independent record label. Professionally, Kevi Jones has a BBA in Marketing and an MBA in Business Intelligence and has worked in various roles: Data Analyst, Performance Improvement, and Marketing Consultant.

Everyone at A Key Records has a passion for music and the creativity involved in the process of writing, recording, and performing. A Key Records will be the start of a musicians career for some and career growth for others. A key is something that grants access to a location, as such A Key Records will grant artists the opportunity to be heard while allowing greater access than they could have achieved on their own. We will promote our artists' ability and encourage them to create music that accentuates their uniqueness and connects them with their fans.

At A Key Records, we believe our music should create feelings. Music that will create a memory from the past or a glimpse into the future.  We seek to sign artists in the southeastern region that are full of passion and are creative in their delivery and thinking. We will be fair to our artists and their development while improving their exposure to their target market and expanding their fan base.

With musical influences from artists of various genres, we have an appreciation for all artists world-wide. These artists have given their audiences songs to help people through different phases of their lives. As we begin our journey, we invite our fans to experience music in the key of life with us.

We seek to create music that expresses how you feel, say what you want to say, where you have been, and where you want to go. So however you listen to music, get ready because we are: 

A KEY RECORDS.... Your key to good music.